10 Shower Door Ideas for 2023

Warm showers are always relaxing and what makes it feel more comfortable is your bathroom if it is designed the way you like. Tidy and well-designed bathrooms can give an elegant look to your bathroom specifically the shower doors in your bathrooms makes it look more spacious. Choosing the right shower door is very important as the look of your bathroom totally depends on the choice of your shower doors. 

There are plenty of shower glass door ideas that gives an attractive outlook to your bathroom. It can be framed doors or frameless, but in both cases it will definitely give an appealing look to your bathrooms. 

At Garden State Construction, there are several shower door ideas suitable for your bathroom as they keep a variety of collections and designs for their clients. 

Shower doors come in various designs, frames, frameless, clear glass, textured glass and much more. If you are willing to change your shower doors, check out these stylish shower door ideas to upgrade your bathrooms. 

10 Fancy Shower Doors Ideas

To know which kind of shower door is best for your space, you should first know the details about it. Here are some classy options for you to choose from: 

1. Frameless Shower Doors 

These doors are made up of tempered glass that gives a sleek and modern touch as its edges are metal free and another reason for choosing a frameless shower glass door is that it showcases the gleaming beauty of your bathroom design. Frameless doors are much easier to clean as they do not contain any seal they can develop from water. However, the cost of frameless showers are twice the price of a basic shower door. 

2. Framed Shower Door 

It seems like framed shower doors are less eye-catching or less stylish than the frameless doors, but it is a wrong perception. Thanks to the heavy duty aluminum which gives a classy look to the frame and makes it even more stronger in support. A plus point for framed showers is that they do not have a leakage problem. A framed shower door can cost anywhere from $600 to $1500. 

3. Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

Sometimes you desire to have both, the framed shower door and the frameless shower door, two in one look so a best alternative for that is to have a semi-frameless shower door. It is budget friendly in which you can have high quality components like solid handles, aluminum hinges and so on. An average cost of a semi-frameless shower door starts from $950, and goes up to $2000.

4. Sliding Shower Doors

If the layout of your bathroom is small, then your preference could move towards sliding shower doors. Sliding shower doors are specially made for those bathrooms where the fixtures are close enough like the bathtub and the bathroom size is not spacious enough. For such bathrooms choosing a sliding door is the best option. $500 to $1500 is the estimated cost for a sliding door. 

5. Pivoting Door 

If you are planning to buy a pivot door then taking help from a professional is necessary, as they will help in measuring the space since usually these doors are used in small bathrooms. It gives a sophisticated yet simple look which suits your little bathrooms. You can consult professionals from Garden State Construction as they provide exceptional services in the construction field. 

6. Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Bi-Fold doors are shower glass doors made using the finest quality of aluminum, which is as durable as they come. It allows you to have quick access to your shower and requires less room space. It is based on frameless design with a custom glass look. An average cost for this sort of shower door starts from $300 to $600

7. Partial Tub Enclosure 

A partial tub enclosure is an european-style shower door which looks trendy and among the latest designs, but is quite affordable. You can also customize the size, shape and texture of the glass used in it. The price range for this shower door starts from $200 to $500

8. Goodyo Shower Door

This modish door is made up of tempered glass which looks classy with black painted stainless-steel bars fixed on it. The single door is screwed in the wall and it requires silicon for the installation. Its average cost should be around $200 to $500.

9. Basco Shower Door 

If you have a spacious bathroom then this shower door could be your ideal choice. The basco shower door is 70 inches tall and the wide opening is 50 to 60 inch. High-quality glass is used in it with an attached towel bar and has dual bypass design. As this shower glass door is huge in size, the average piece of this door is in between $700 to $1500. 

10. Textured Shower Glass Door 

Some people intend to have extra privacy while showering so these textured shower glass doors are used instead of clear glass. They are typically sliding doors and come in the framed shower doors category. As the textured glass is more expensive than the clear glass so the price varies on it. An average rate of the shower door starts from $800 to $1600. 


Decorating and maintaining  your home shows the love you have for your home even if it’s about bathrooms and its shower doors, each area of your home must be well-designed and up to date. Likewise the selection of suitable shower doors shows your interest in maintaining each area of your home.

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