5 Top Kitchen Room Design Trends For Parsippany, NJ Homes

Spring and summer are ideal for a kitchen remodel, and if you’re ready for a new kitchen, do you know what you want? Whether you’ve got a million ideas for your new kitchen or you’re just starting from scratch with a new look, we’re here to help. As experts in kitchen design, Parsippany, New Jersey homeowners trust us to create their dream kitchen. We’ve scoured the internet and interior designs and read the top industry reports to find the hot new kitchen design trends. Discover them below!

1. Open Concept Seems Here to Stay

According to the 2024 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, America’s homeowners still love the open-concept kitchen. The top reasons for embracing openness are to improve the function of the area (64% of respondents) and to make entertaining easier (54%). An open-concept kitchen is ideal for a smaller space where there isn’t a lot of natural light or you just want a layout with better flow.

2. Wood for Warmth and Design

While white kitchens are still popular, many homeowners are ready to embrace wood tones and sustainable materials. The emphasis is now on wood with beautiful grains that stain well, such as white oak and walnut. The overall effect is neutral and evokes Scandinavian homes’ sleek yet homey style. Wood cabinets, flooring, and even accents achieve the look.

3. Nature-Inspired Spaces

Coordinating well with the new wood preferences, kitchen colors trend towards nature hues, such as rich greens and earth tones. These nature-inspired looks add warmth and coziness to create. In their 2024 Kitchen Trends Report, The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) reports that clients repeatedly ask designers to create “elements of harmony,” with a preference for greens, browns, grays, and blues, while the Houzz study finds an increase of 3% for homeowners who want green cabinets compared to 2023’s results. The overall effect is one of organic, natural beauty.

4. Beverage Areas

The NKBA report also highlights that homeowners are no longer content to have their drinks in a fridge; they now want a beverage center. It’s not just coffee they’re storing either; now, kitchen design trends accommodate mini-fridges, bar carts, and other beverage-centered areas. Houzz participants indicate increased interest in beverage refrigerators as they name the appliance 10th in their choice for a “new or upgraded appliance.” In addition, 56% of participants want to install a new appliance in their island, with the beverage fridge at 10%. However, don’t think these are the mini-fridges of your dorm room days. Instead, think sleek glass models from KitchenAid and other top brands with adjustable temperature zones, LED lighting, and other features.

5. Bigger and Better Islands

Islands have long been a central focus of the kitchen, but now they’re more prominent than ever. Houzz found that 2 in 5 homeowners now focus on 7-foot or longer islands. Specifically, only 21% of participants said they plan for an island less than 6 feet- long, 37% prefer their island 6 to 7 feet, and 42% prefer more than 7 feet. Storage is also a concern, with homeowners indicating they want drawers, cabinets, and open shelves in islands. The results match the sentiments of the 2023 study, with homeowner interest in drawers increasing by 1%.

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