Contractor Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel

You’ve decided you wanted to create your dream kitchen. Now what? It’s time to start planning for your kitchen remodel, and that’s the step that can stump many homeowners when they want a kitchen renovation in Whippany, NJ. Kitchen remodels require precise design and budget planning, so you must ensure everyone is on the same page regarding your kitchen project. At Garden State Construction, we specialize in kitchen remodels and want to share contractor tips for anyone planning kitchen remodeling in New Jersey.

Gather Visuals and Share Your Vision

A kitchen remodeling crew can’t read your mind, so you should start by collecting visuals for your new kitchen. You may also use free 3D design software to create a kitchen blueprint. As you gather design resources, keep in mind to look for images and resources that show the following:

  • Any kitchen layout changes
  • Finish preferences
  • Custom cabinets
  • Flooring changes, if applicable, with type and style
  • Other examples of your preferred aesthetics

Compiling these visuals together gives you a great style roadmap for your kitchen remodel team.

Decide on a Layout

Layout is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen remodel. If you don’t have a well-laid-out kitchen, you may find it hard to cook and move within the space, especially if you have a large family. Kitchens range in layouts and typically fall within one of six types. According to HGTV, these layouts are :

  • One-Wall/Pullman Kitchen – True to its name, kitchens with these layouts are only on one side of the wall. The cabinets and appliances are in line with each other, and there may be an island.
  • L-Shape Kitchen – L-Shaped kitchens are ideal for small to medium kitchens and use two walls that form an “L” shape.
  • Galley Kitchen – Galley kitchens are often used in apartments but sometimes appear in older homes. These kitchens feature two opposite walls with appliances and cabinets on either side.
  • Island-Centered Kitchen – The island is the kitchen star, as it offers counter space and could include appliances or a sink.
  • Horseshoe Kitchen – Taking their name and design from a horseshoe, these kitchens feature a U-shaped layout.
  • Peninsula Kitchen – Peninsula kitchen layouts feature an island extending from the walls, like a peninsula.

Each kitchen layout style has benefits, so it’s up to you to decide what works best. You can also ask for advice from one of our kitchen experts.

Settle on a Budget

The visuals and layout preferences you chose above will inform your budget for kitchen remodeling. Whippany, NJ, costs will vary compared to other areas of New Jersey. Minor refreshes will be much cheaper than a full or partial remodel. Per Remodeling, minor kitchen remodels (midrange) can run around $26,790, while a major kitchen remodel may be about $77,939. Researching associated costs will help you know if you need to cut or change some aspects of your plan, such as refinishing your cabinets over replacing them. Actual costs depend on your location and other factors, such as:

  • Labor cost
  • Materials
  • Square feet
  • Permits
  • Amenity (cabinets, flooring, etc.)

To help make the budgeting process more manageable, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends a major remodel should be approximately 15-20% of your home’s value. However, going over is possible, especially if you want premium finishes. Remember, though, that a kitchen remodel can offer the highest return on your investment in resale value.

Look for a Professional Kitchen Remodeling Company

Once you know what you want out of your new kitchen, it’s time to choose a company for your kitchen remodel. Morristown, NJ homeowners, and surrounding areas, should look for construction companies with years of professional service. While some homeowners may opt to handle their kitchen makeover on their own, using a company like ours means you have dedicated professionals who understand the demands of a remodel, know where to source materials, and are familiar with the permit process. We also have all the required licenses for a kitchen project.

Kitchen Remodeling, Whippany New Jersey Homeowners Love

Garden State Construction is ready to give you your dream kitchen, no matter its size or style. For over a decade, we have been a leading construction, remodeling, & maintenance service provider in New Jersey. If you want to improve your kitchen’s layout, style, or appearance, we’re ready to help.