Easy Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

Like many other New Jersey homeowners, you may dream of creating your dream kitchen, but you’re curious about the price tag. According to Remodeling Magazine, the average cost for a major kitchen remodel is around $26,790. However, many homeowners may wonder if they can get a new kitchen for less. Yes, absolutely!

If your budget doesn’t quite match your dream, don’t worry. You can easily remodel your kitchen on a budget and still give the space a fresh look. As one of the premiere companies for kitchen renovation in Whippany, NJ, we offer a full range of services to create a kitchen you love. Let’s go over easy ways to do a budget-conscious kitchen remodel.

Get a Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Are you tired of staring at the same kitchen cabinets? Consider investing in a kitchen cabinet makeover. A cabinet makeover allows you to easily transform your kitchen quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the price of a complete kitchen remodel. A new coat of paint makes your ugly dingy brown cabinets look brand new.

Using a professional kitchen remodeling service like Garden State Construction means you get expertly-painted cabinets with every attention to detail. You won’t have to remove each door and tackle the project alone or worry about missing a spot. A professional kitchen remodeling company can also refinish or reface your existing cabinets. Another great way to makeover your cabinets is by changing out the cabinet hardware.

Average cost: $1,500 to $3,000

Paint the Walls

As you decide to invest in a kitchen cabinet makeover, continue your refresh with a new wall color. Painting your walls, or hiring a professional painting service, allows you to reimagine the space. It’s a great way to finish your kitchen with a cozy vibe or add a bright, cheery look. The sky’s the limit, and painting is one of the most affordable ways to remodel your kitchen on a budget. Be sure you choose a stain-resistant paint that can wipe clean with ease.

Average cost: $100 an hour

Swap Out the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of a kitchen, and it’s also a great way to change your kitchen’s look in just a few days. Swapping out your kitchen lighting can add to the space’s ambiance and enhance the function. A new light can make it easier to see, which is handy when chopping vegetables or other prep work. For homes with old lighting fixtures, adding LED-powered lights makes your home more energy efficient, reducing your electric bills.

Average cost: Varies based on lighting size and installation difficulty

Change Out Your Backsplash

The backsplash can be a focal point of your kitchen, and if you want a bold change on a smaller budget, consider changing out your backsplash. Additionally, if you don’t have a backsplash, consider adding one. The backsplash will add depth and dimension to your kitchen as well as protect your walls from water or grease splashes. Over time, these liquids can damage your walls, even if you paint over the spots. However, a kitchen backsplash is easy to clean and wipe away errant grease or water.

Average cost: $300 to $1,400

Upgrade Your Appliances

Depending on how old your appliances are, an upgrade might be the perfect way to update your kitchen. According to Consumer Reports and appliance manufacturers, most kitchen appliances should have an average lifespan of 10 years. If your stove, microwave, or dishwasher looks a little worn, consider replacing the equipment within your budget. Not only will it improve your kitchen’s function, but you’ll also save yourself the trouble of replacing appliances a few years later. Best of all, replacing your appliances while upgrading kitchen cabinets or other kitchen projects will create a new cohesive space you’ll love.

Average cost: Varies based on the appliance model, size, and installation needs

Trust the Best for Kitchen Remodeling, Whippany New Jersey

Your budget shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful kitchen. With a little careful planning, you can find a space you love. Garden State Construction can help with kitchen cabinet makeovers or any other task for your kitchen refresh. A better kitchen is only a call away, so contact us today!