How to Find a Kitchen Contractor in Parsippany, NJ

If you plan to remodel your kitchen in 2024, now is the perfect time to start looking for contractors. Take time, don’t rush picking a contractor for kitchen design, Parsippany, NJ homeowners. Kitchens are the home’s centerpiece and deserve careful consideration. Garden State Construction offers beautiful and functional kitchen designs in New Jersey. Here are our tips for finding a kitchen contractor.

Prepare Before Your Search

Don’t try to find a kitchen contractor without at least a basic idea of what you want in your new kitchen, or you may end up with false starts and money wasted. When homeowners don’t know what they want, their plans may change course several times during the process. To avoid being hampered by poor communication, gather the following to help guide your search:

  • Example photos of your dream kitchen
  • Square footage and measurements of appliances, etc
  • Storage concerns
  • Kitchen layout and style
  • Unwanted aspects of the kitchen
  • Color schemes
  • Expected budget

Establish Your Goal for Kitchen Design

Why do you need to hire a kitchen contractor? Your goal should be a significant consideration in your search because the goal influences materials, layout, and other concerns. For example, if you want to create your dream kitchen in your home, it’s much different than a simple kitchen remodel to improve your home’s value before you sell it in the new year. When you look for kitchen contractors with the tips below, include the reason for your kitchen project.

Ask Around

There’s no better referral option than good old-fashioned word of mouth. Friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors likely can offer an excellent recommendation. Online reviews are a good choice, but first-hand experience from someone you know is invaluable. Ask for before/after pictures, plus tips they have for working with a qualified professional contractor for kitchen design. You may also want to know if any unexpected issues arose and how well the contractor adjusted the project. Another option is to check with your insurance agency, as some companies keep lists of reputable contractors.

Search Online and Check the Credentials

Suppose you exhaust your recommendations or just want to broaden your search. Now it’s time to check online. A search term like “Kitchen contractors near me” is a great way to find kitchen remodeling companies in your area. However, you may run into unlicensed or unethical contractors, so check license information carefully before adding a company to your list of possible candidates. One way to find reputable candidates is by browsing the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) roster, the leading kitchen and bathroom industry source. Contractors with professional association memberships are licensed and legitimate.

Create a List of Candidates and Questions

After you’ve finished searching for possible contractors, got all your information together, and identified candidates, it’s time for the interview process. You should ask the following questions:

  • What projects have you completed that are similar to mine?
  • Do you have any references?
  • What is your process for estimates and quotes?
  • Are you licensed and bonded?
  • What professional association memberships do you have?
  • What is your estimated timeline for my project?
  • Do you use subcontractors, or does your team perform the work?

The Experts in Kitchen Design Parsippany, NJ Homeowners Know and Trust

After following this advice, we hope you connect with a contractor for kitchen design Parsippany, NJ, has to offer. As a leading regional kitchen and bath specialist, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners get the kitchen they desire, no matter the size and scope. We’re licensed and insured with the best professional associations in the industry. You can browse our past work and see examples of what sets us apart from other contractors in the area. Contact us today!