Is it Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in the home and is often one of the busiest rooms. Your kitchen should meet various needs, whether it’s being able to withstand that last-minute bake sale request or simply helping you create a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. It may be time for a remodel if your kitchen isn’t ready to meet those needs.

Garden State Construction helps homeowners create their dream kitchens. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, Whippany, NJ homeowners should look for specific indicators of an outdated kitchen. We help revitalize hundreds of New Jersey kitchens, plus we know how to help our clients find the best kitchen that meets their needs, looks great, and functions beautifully.

A Lack of Storage

Storage is a big concern for any home, and the kitchen is one of the primary storage spaces. You must have good storage for all your plates, cookware, utensils, and cooking gadgets. As you look through your kitchen, do you notice any problems with storage? You can tell you need any more storage in your home’s kitchen if:

  • The cabinets overflow
  • Items sit on every countertop
  • There’s that one drawer that won’t close
  • You have items stacked on the floor
  • You need to buy extra storage shelves or boxes

Remodeling your kitchen can yield serious storage space, especially with our new modern kitchen design services. Older, outdated kitchen cabinets often need more space to hold kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, toaster ovens, air fryers, and other large items.

Without ample cabinet storage, many homeowners need to leave these appliances out on the counter or stack them haphazardly in a closet, which makes it hard to use them often. As experts in kitchen remodeling, Whippany NJ homeowners can trust us to find the space they need for the things they love.

Chips, Breaks, and Damage

As you look around your kitchen, do you spot any signs of wear and tear, such as chips, breaks, or other damage? Kitchen cabinets and countertops may show their age with discoloration and other defects. Any visible damage and wear detract from the rest of your kitchen and may deter prospective buyers if your home is on the market. Even if you don’t plan to list your home anytime soon, kitchen remodeling is an investment in your happiness and future. It’s an intelligent choice, as a kitchen renovation can offer up to 81% Return on Investment (ROI).

It’s Over 15 Years Old

Just like fashion and hairstyles, home design trends change. While the vine-accented wallpaper in your kitchen was in style in the 90s, it’s likely time for a makeover. If you were to search “outdated kitchens New Jersey,” you may find kitchens with the following:

  • Dull brown cabinets
  • Vintage linoleum
  • Wood paneling
  • Fluorescent lights

A kitchen with any of the above features shows its age. Not only are these kitchens stuck in the past decor-wise, but they aren’t made to function for today’s modern homeowner. The wallpaper can bear grease and food splashes, while the wood paneling makes everything look dark, even on the sunniest day. Even just remaking your kitchen cabinets can breathe new light into your kitchen and make it more enjoyable.

The Kitchen Has Safety Concerns

Older and outdated kitchens can come with various safety concerns, especially if you have young children. Old vinyl or linoleum flooring can be slippery, which often leads to a fall or injury. Cabinets from the 1950s or older may feature dangerous lead paint.

Older countertops with porous material are significant safety risks in an older kitchen. Studies show the kitchen is the “germiest” room in an average home. While sponges and sinks can be germ factories, countertops also frequently harbor germs. Older countertops can degrade over time and become harder to clean. The more porous a countertop, the more likely it is to trap germs and bacteria, such as salmonella. According to the USDA, food-borne bacteria only take 20 minutes to double in size. Items left on the counter, even for a few minutes, may harbor these germs and make someone sick when ingested.

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling, Whippany, New Jersey Homeowners Enjoy

Homeowners enjoy several benefits with a kitchen remodel from Garden State Construction, with value, function, and aesthetic improvements. Not only will you have a new look, but you’ll also have a space that meets your needs and shows beautifully on the market.

Garden State Construction offers a variety of kitchen remodeling services to make your kitchen shine. We handle every aspect of kitchen design, from custom-fit cabinets to flooring installation. Whether you want to make over every inch of your kitchen or add some polish to your cabinets, our dedicated team is here to help. Are you ready to refresh or vamp your kitchen? Contact us, your experts in kitchen remodeling Whippany New Jersey homeowners know and trust!