Kitchen Renovation in Whippany, NJ

Garden State Construction offers exceptional kitchen remodeling and renovation services while providing a hassle-free execution for all the facets of your projects.


Garden State Construction specializes in understanding your requirements and aligning those with our innovative ideas to offer the best design solutions – Realizing your vision for a perfect kitchen.


Based in New Jersey, we offer a wide array of renovation & remodeling supplies, available at all times – Inclusive of everything required to complete your kitchen’s remodeling.


We are New Jersey’s leading kitchen remodeling company that offers our clients a comfortable experience, hassle-free installation, expert labor, and dedication to providing 100% satisfaction.

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Our Extraordinary Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling Services

Partnering with us gives you access to the best kitchen remodeling experts in New Jersey, offering perfect kitchen remodeling and expansion services at reasonable costs.
This includes but is not limited to rebuilding the kitchen decor from scratch, or revamping it just as much as you need; along with rebuilds and restructuring, we also offer simpler solutions to add more charm to your existing kitchen’s outlook to add more charm to your existing kitchen’s outlook. We develop and submit custom blueprints to our clients, so they know what to expect from us.

A home in Whippany, NJ, with a new kitchen renovation

Our Goal

Our objective is to provide affordable wood cabinetry, magnificent granite, quartz counters, and fashionable wood or tile floorings that are all included in our kitchen installations, which bring years of value to your house. The first and most important stage in our design process is visiting your home and collecting all the necessary data and measurements to ensure the perfect delivery of your desired results.

We then start developing designs for your kitchen once the measurements are completed, including cabinets and appliances. Considering your opinions, choices, and requirements, we only initiate the design implementation process once you are satisfied at all costs.

We also offer guidance and assistance when selecting the appropriate finishes for your kitchen worktops, appliances, floors, lighting, backsplash, and accessories.

Our kitchen renovation experts also assist you in planning and making decisions regarding design and supplies while keeping everything within your budget and designing a kitchen that fulfills all your needs.


We supply and offer a large selection of high-quality construction materials, including everything your kitchen remodeling project requires to be successfully completed while maintaining perfection.

Our experienced kitchen makeover specialists can design every & any kitchen space that you can dream of – Ensuring to realize your expectations perfectly.

As industry veterans, we also guide and recommend choices to our clients to select from several cosmetic accessories in every style and price range, ensuring a wholesome one-stop-shop experience and catering to projects of all sizes.

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Garden State Construction has been established based on a  reliable reputation as a renovation contractor in New Jersey – Owing to our creative designs, perfect installations, and accurate results. This allows us to compete with the market-leading companies with the high-level of services, quality results, project management, decision-making abilities, and warranty processes that we offer.

Our team works with dedication and pays attention to every minute detail, so you get the kitchen you had always desired. You will not be disappointed with our level of professionalism. Our team can take up every challenge until your dream kitchen becomes a tangible reality.

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