Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter in New Jersey can take its toll on your home, as freezing temperatures, snow, and ice all pose a risk to your home’s structure and safety. Luckily, here are some great tips from Garden State Construction (GSC), the experts in kitchen design Parsippany, New Jersey homeowners know and trust. Our easy tips will make sure your home is comfortable, cozy, and safe for the winter season.

Preparing Your Home in Winter: Exterior Tasks

First, you should evaluate the exterior of your home overall for cracks, gaps, and leaks. However, specific areas also need special attention for winter prep. Don’t neglect these areas of your home exterior.

Decks: Sweep away any debris and check for any cracks, chips, or other signs of damage. The weight of snow and ice may increase the damage or even cause a collapse if severe. You should fill any divots or holes and repair loose boards. GSC’s deck remodeling services can help ensure your deck is ready for winter and beyond.

Pools and Other Water Features: Just because you aren’t using your pool, sprinklers, or other water features during the winter doesn’t mean you can let them sit. Drain the supply lines as the manufacturer directs, and cover your pool well with a weatherproof cover.

Windows and Doors: Don’t let drafts seep into your home. Go over all your doors and windows to ensure proper insulation, applying weatherstripping if needed. Not only will you improve your home’s energy efficiency, but you’ll also enhance your comfort on dreary days spent inside.

Lighting: Check all bulbs to see if they’re in working order, and replace any burnt-out bulbs as needed. Consider if you need to add a new light or pathway lights on stakes as a safety precaution for navigating cold winter nights.

Gutters: As the leaves change, they may fall into your gutter, which could cause a sizable clog and block water flow. Remove any leaves, debris, and other buildup from your gutter to prevent water damage to your home. Follow with a thorough rinse with your hose to remove any remaining debris.

Sidewalks: Look for signs of damage in your sidewalk, as these may be tripping hazards, especially in icy conditions. The winter can bring temperatures as low as 21° in Parsippany, NJ, and the surrounding area, according to WeatherSpark, increasing the risk of icy pavements. Having plenty of de-icer on hand is helpful, so stock up in the early days of winter.

Trees: Loose or damaged limbs can fall on your roof or car and block sidewalk access if blown in high winds, such as a Nor’easter. If the limbs are near a power line, contact a professional for removal.

Preparing Your Home in Winter: Interior Tasks

If you want to prepare for the cold temperatures and weather that lie ahead, don’t neglect the interior of your home. There are multiple ways to get your home ready for the season.

Pipes: A bust pipe can spoil anyone’s winter. Before the temperatures dip, make sure you’re winter-ready by checking the insulation on your pipes, especially if they’re up against an exterior wall. When temperatures drop, always drip your kitchen pipes overnight to avoid water freezing.

Kitchen Appliances: You may not realize it, but your kitchen appliances need attention during the winter. Clean the coils of your refrigerator so it works more efficiently, then check the doors to ensure a tight seal when closed.

Cabinets: Grease and other build-up on your cabinets can cause stains, reduce shine, and even damage the material. Use a gentle degreaser such as dish soap to remove the grease from your cabinets, then dry with a soft cloth.

Heating and Cooling: Ensure your home is toasty and warm with a well-functioning HVAC system. Check the batteries in your thermostat, remove any dust from the vents, and make sure you change the filter regularly. The best practice is to change the filter every 90 days; however, if your home is particularly dusty or you have shedding pets, you may change it more often. Clogs can slow your furnace’s heating process and make it work harder, leading to overheating and shutting down.

Fireplace: Like in other home areas, you must inspect your fireplace and chimney for any signs of damage and perform general maintenance. Remove dust from the pilot light if you have a gas fireplace. Clear all the vents carefully and fill the fireplace with the right fuel. Always use the right wood for wood fireplaces and clear out any remaining embers from the previous winter.

Professional Kitchen Design Parsippany, NJ Homeowners Rely On

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be ready for whatever winter brings! And if preparing your home for winter makes you realize it’s time for your dream kitchen, a kitchen cabinet makeover, or any other type of kitchen design, Parsippany, NJ’s own GSC, is ready to help!