The Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Watching your home in a well-maintained position is always a feeling of sheer happiness because home is the only place where a person genuinely feels relaxed and calm – A piece of heaven on earth. However, if we deeply think about the fact that where we spend most of the time at our homes, the answer immediately emerges in the mind and that place is our “Kitchens”.  Your kitchen needs to be up to date and well-organized, but you don’t need to buy new kitchen cabinets or drawers, they can easily be repaired and repainted to achieve the new outlook of your kitchen. 

Kitchen cabinet painting is one of the most popular and common kitchen renovations through which your kitchen can get a new life, and an increased home value.

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How Much Does Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost?

The average cost of kitchen cabinets painting will definitely depend on the size and number of cabinets in your kitchen. You first need to determine the size of your kitchen, either it’s small, medium or large and how many cabinets your kitchen contains. Secondly, you need to calculate the cost of the kitchen cabinet painting estimate in order to settle the budget.

A small kitchen has 20 or less than 20 cabinet surfaces. Medium kitchen has around 21 to 41 cabinet surfaces, and a large kitchen contains around 40 cabinet surfaces. Remember to add 10 percent more if the cabinets are in detailed design.  

Fact: A cabinet surface is a cabinet door or drawer face. 

Small Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost 

Small kitchen usually costs more. The painter often bargains or gives discounts on large kitchen cabinet projectsIn contemporary times, small kitchens cost more since painters are less likely to offer discounts. 

Talking about the approximate cost, the small kitchen per drawer face is painted at about $110, and $190 is the cost per cabinet face. If you’re estimating the total cost and there are 6 drawers and 14 cabinet doors then the expected cost could be around  $3000 to $3500. 

Medium Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost

The majority of houses have a medium-sized kitchen that contains at least nine drawers and 22 cabinets. For such a kitchen, the cabinet painting estimate is calculated by the following prices;

The drawer face costs $100

The cabinet door costs $170.

According to the following prices, the average cost of kitchen cabinet painting should be around $5000 to $5500. 

Large Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost

Large kitchen cabinets are usually painted at a lower cost because of the discount given based the large size of kitchen and a high number of cabinets and drawers. 

In a large kitchen, the drawer face is painted at $95 and the cabinet door typically costs around $160. 

If your kitchen has 33 cabinets and 18 drawers then an estimated price for a large kitchen cabinet painting could be approximately $8000 to $9000. 

However, an island and a wine rack would be included in this cost. 

Fact: 12 cabinet surfaces usually require one gallon of paint. 

Repaint or Replace the Cabinet: Which is Cheaper?

If your cabinets are in good condition and require painting because of some scratches that do not look good in your otherwise beautiful kitchen, then repainting the kitchen is the best and economical option. This is because replacing the cabinets can be three times more expensive than repainting the cabinets. Replacing one cabinet can cost around $500 per cabinet.

Additional Costing 

  • If the painting took time because of the rough surface of your cabinet, then additional charges will be applied for extra labor cost.
  • If your cabinet needs stripping, sanding and applying putty on the damaged areas, then it will be an additional cost. The cost varies per square foot, that is $5 to $10. 
  • There are four popular kitchen cabinet paint colors that are: white, white and gray, blue and greige. The cost then depends on the color selected for the painting. 
  • The average cost of kitchen cabinet painting also depends on your choice. If you are choosing a laminated, detailed cabinet then additional charges are a must. 

Benefits of Painting Cabinets 

  • You can change the entire outlook of your kitchen, giving your house a new and fresh feel at an affordable price. 
  • Painting the cabinets is cost-friendly as compared to replacing or refacing the cabinets.
  • Good quality paint can enhance the beauty of your kitchen and it can last longer on the cabinets. 
  • Kitchen cabinet painting can increase the value of your house. 
  • “Garden State Construction” being one of the most efficient and fastest service providers, can complete the project within or less than one week.