Top 3 Signs Your Whippany, NJ Deck Needs Remodeling

A deck is a great place to entertain friends and family, but it’s possible your deck may need remodeling before you can fire up the grill for the next big summer blowout. At Garden State Construction, we want to share what issues to look for and why it’s important to consider investing in deck remodeling. Whippany, NJ homeowners should closely examine their deck and its current condition to notice any issues. Weather, age, and heavy wear and tear can affect your deck’s structure over time, but ignoring these issues could pose serious risks to your safety. Let’s examine the top three signs your deck needs remodeling and why addressing these issues is important.

#1 Your Deck Has Structural Damage

Structural damage can ruin the integrity of your deck, and it often starts with splintering and cracking wood. Rain and snow can build up on your deck, leaving soggy wood once the storms abate. However, sometimes, cracks may form in areas with poor drainage, leaving damp wood behind. Rot and decay can also be present, especially with extensive moisture exposure. The consistent wet surface is the perfect environment for fungus to thrive, resulting in wet or dry rot.

Wet rot is characterized by symptoms in the wood such as a crumbling texture, musty smell, change in size due to shrinkage, and soft, spongy texture. It needs at least 30% to 50% moisture to grow and damage the wood. However, dry rot does not. Dry rot is a more serious form of wood rot, requiring only 20% moisture to grow, plus they can spread through other structures. Other signs of structural damage to look out for are loose or fallen nails, which can make the boards unstable and less weight-bearing. These issues can make your deck unstable, weak, and a potential hazard.

#2 Your Deck Has a Lackluster Appearance

Even if your deck doesn’t have significant damage due to rot or decay, there may be a reason to remodel your deck due to cosmetic defects you spot. Once again, exposure to moisture and sun may be to blame. UV rays can bleach and discolor your wooden deck. Not only does it affect the aesthetics of your deck, but left untreated, the UV damage may continue, eventually leading to warped, cracked, and splintered boards. Sometimes, it may be possible to replace a warped board individually. However, if there are more than several boards warped, it compromises the deck’s integrity, making it less stable.

Paint and wood stains go a long way towards protecting your deck and making it look nice. Missing or patchy stains look bad and can lead to deck damage if there’s no protective barrier against the elements. The wood can also be more susceptible to rot, decay, splinters, and other critical concerns for a deck. However, sometimes, your deck looks old and worn out, making it a good candidate for remodeling, especially if you want to improve your property value. Remodeling your deck makes it attractive for buyers and allows you to stand out among other homes in your area.

#3 Your Deck Lacks Function, Is Old, Or Out of Style

Function is one of the most crucial elements of a home’s deck. It can quickly become an eyesore if it doesn’t function well for you. For instance, do you avoid your deck because it’s not big enough to accommodate your family? Is it too small or lacking the features you want? Your deck is supposed to be a great way to extend your living space, but if you don’t use it, it’s a waste of space for your home. If that’s the case, remodeling your deck may be the answer. With a deck remodel, you can add seating, incorporate shade, and make other valuable changes to make your deck work for you, not against you.

Your deck may simply be old, so it’s time to remodel. The average deck’s longevity is 15 years, though some decks may need replacing or remodeling much earlier. Either way, an old deck can be a hindrance if you go to sell your home because the potential owner might think it will take a lot to fix or replace.

Trust The Experts in Whippany, NJ Deck Remodeling

Regardless of why you want to hire a deck remodeler in Whippany, NJ, Garden State Construction is the company that will help you get a new deck you’ll treasure. Our experienced team ensures quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, delivering a space that meets and exceeds your style, functionality, and durability expectations. Contact us today to get started, your new deck is only a call away.