Tube To Shower Conversions Want to ditch the tub and have a great shower in its place? We can do this in the Wayne, NJ area

In two days or less, transform your bathroom experience with a modernized new shower. Our skilled professionals can fit and install a contemporary, high-quality shower fixture just within a day. Once you have decided what you want to go with, we will ensure it is successfully installed, timely, and perfectly.

Have a small bath? Bored of your old bathroom? Want to avail tub to shower conversions? Whatever ideas you have in mind regarding remodeling your bathroom, Garden State Construction can deliver exactly what you desire in a stylish and incredible fixture.

Custom Glass Shower Door Installation For You!  

You can choose from a wide range of incredible glass doors at Garden State Construction. 

Installing new shower doors is a great investment and a reasonable yet effective revamp for your bathroom. Our team combined offers years of experience – whether you need a brand new door or you want to repair/remodel your current one, we are here to guide you while we change the outlook of your bathroom.

Any size frame you require can be designed and built by our qualified team, as they are highly skilled and equipped to collaborate with you on any project. In addition, we offer custom-made and incredible glass products as well; with our tenure and gained reputation, you do not have to worry about the work our team does.

Call us now, or visit us online to have our team of professionals offer the best shower door installation services in New Jersey!

Why not add some flair to your bathroom for both you and your guests, by getting frameless and custom shower doors? For the ease of our customers, we offer creative solutions, DIY installation instructions, and phone and online support to help you get a top-notch finished product.

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Step Into Your Ideal Bathroom with Quality Tub to Shower Conversions Services 

Do you desire to create a completely new bathroom or want to revamp a part of it. Our goal is to assist you with what you need. We can help you change practically every aspect of your current bathroom. From installing new mirrors, sinks, vanities, showers, tubs, toilets, and other bathroom fixtures to giving your bathroom a completely new look that you’ve always wanted. But do you want to convert your shower to a bath? 

We can help you with everything by sending-in a team of professionals who can deliver the results you want! Our professionals excel in tub-to-shower conversions, so you can have a spa-like feeling at your own place. So whether you are looking for a new shower installation or a tub to shower conversion at your home in New Jersey, Garden State Construction has got your needs covered. We have been in the business for years and have built a reputation for being among the best bathroom remodeling companies.

Affordable Tub to Shower Conversions by Garden State Construction

You have come to the right place if you want to replace what you believe to be an outdated, possibly damaged shower enclosure with something that’s impressive. You can rely on us to offer timely, dependable, and best conversion services. We only have high-quality stock parts, and our staff is skilled at identifying other bathroom-related problems as well. If there are other problems present, our team would be more than happy to identify and assist you with that. We will kindly let you know what might need to be fixed, replaced, or removed. The best material will be used to appropriately repair your shower or the bathtub enclosure. Our installation experts have been remodeling bathrooms for years. 

In addition, we take pride in providing premium bath products for your tub-to-shower conversion services. So, enjoy the opulent appearance of a brand-new bath or shower at surprisingly low costs if you decide to collaborate with our team!

This bathroom boasts a fresh and modern look with its combination of green and white tiles, sleek shower, spacious sink, large mirror, and a radiator reflected in it

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